Václav Havel was undoubtedly the greatest figure in our modern history. He was the soul and leader of the dissent, the initiator of all changes during the Velvet Revolution, he was elected president four times. His name resonated all over the world, I traveled with him to fifty countries of the world and many times I was moved at the other end of the planet by the honors shown to him there. Thanks to Václav Havel, we unexpectedly quickly became a respected state, we were accepted into NATO, state visits opened the doors at Prague Castle, from American presidents to the British queen.

Some time ago, when I was thinking about how Václav Havel would be approached by his sympathizers who remember him with respect, I discovered the Presidential Collection, hand-made personal items that bear the unmistakable signature of Václav Havel. I still have the pen in my pocket, it's a daily reminder of the great man we miss more and more today.

Ladislav Špaček
spokesman of President Václav Havel

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