Fountain pen - nib 14k gold, Scaena limited edition, Václav Havel - Presidential collection

Fountain pen - 14k gold nib. Limited edition of the Václav Havel Presidential Collection. Comes with a practical red leather case and in a gift box. Handmade

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Václav Havel - Presidential collection, fountain pen - nib 14k gold , Scaena

,,Donation pen,,, Donation pen,, means that 30% of the price without VAT is always donated by the manufacturer to the charitable purposes of the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation Vize 97


  • Nib: 14k gold with engraving
  • Body: handmade, Versace style, chrome, signature of Václav Havel
  • Clip and central ring: chrome

Filling of pen:

  • Pen includes an ultra high quality piston converter for ink dispensing from the bottle
  • Another option is the use of bombers
  • Recommended ink: Montblanc, Lamy, Waterman

Dimensions and weight:

  • Length: 139 mm
  • Diameter without clip: 14mm
  • Diameter with clip: 16mm
  • Balanced at 40g

Gift pack includes:

  • Handmade red genuine leather pen case (fine cowhide)
  • Gift box inlaid with white velvet
  • Detailed instructions for the pen
  • Certificate of authenticity from the Dagmar and Václav Havel Vision 97 Foundation

Production: handmade

Warranty: 10 years with regard to premium materials and precision manufacturing

Help: By purchasing a gift from the Václav Havel Presidential Collection, you are also helping to contribute 30% of the MOC price excluding VAT to the Vize 97 Foundation. Thank you.

Donation certificate: After ordering and paying, you will automatically receive a gift certificate in A4 format by email for framing. The certificate confirms the amount of your donation made by your purchase. So, in fact, with one purchase you will make two purchases. By giving a gift to your loved one or yourself :) and at the same time you are helping those in need!

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The Václav Havel Presidential Collection includes editions by the writers Saint Exupéry, Boccaccio and Pushkin. These literary greats have made an indelible mark on world history.
After all, "the pen is mightier than the sword and the word is mightier than the weapon"!

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